Bob Durante

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Senior Director, Credit Risk Services Americas Team Leader


Bob Durante leads the Americas Risk Solutions for S&P Global Market Intelligence. In his role, Bob is responsible for managing client service engagements, providing analytical thought leadership and helping clients measure and manage their credit risk. Since joining S&P Global Market Intelligence in 2009, Bob has led dozens of client engagement projects that focus on development of internal risk rating systems, validation of risk rating models and deployment of dozens of Credit Assessment Scorecards representing all major asset classes. Bob also leads a regular webinar series called Risk Insights that provides thought leadership and information sharing for existing and prospective clients. Recent webinars include the Lessons Learned from 3 Decades of Global Project Finance Defaults, the “Uber” Problem for the Taxi Medallion Industry, Key Action Steps to Meet Model Regulatory Requirements, Detroit Bankruptcy & Recovery, Key SME Building Blocks, Effectively Managing Model Risk, Top 10 Probability of Default Scorecard Pitfalls and LGD Model Development. Prior to joining Risk Solutions, for over 20 years Bob has held senior analytical and managerial positions in S&P  Global Ratings including chairing rating committees to assign, confirm, update or downgrade credit ratings.  Bob is noted for his award-winning level of client service, thought leadership, analytical innovation and project/staff management. Also, Bob assists the S&P Global Corporate Responsibility to ensure alignment between business and philanthropic objectives with particular focus on helping reduce the “lending gap” for women-owned small enterprises in emerging markets.