Dr. James Duncan

Latigo Energy Group; Columbia University

Co-Founder; Advisor to the Directory, International Research Institute


In addition to 21 years as a trading economist building teams that monitor and predict financial market shifts for two Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Duncan has 30 years experience in engineering, science and the arts. He spent his first 20 years in the industry as an engineering manager in process design and process troubleshooting, where he designed and built patented petrochemical processes before returning to teach as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry. In 1998, Wall Street came knocking during a period when classical scientists were being hired to design and build the financial models; giving a new eye and applying new methodologies to business acumen.

A popular speaker in the commercial space, Dr. Duncan has spoken to audiences in several countries, across the continent and across many different sectors. His broad background and experience in troubleshooting problems has led to a wealth of solution-based strategies.