Eduardo Corzo

Haynes and Boone



Eduardo Corzo Ramos is experienced in Maritime Law and helps shipping companies with their business ventures in Mexico. With more than 10 years of practice, Eduardo focuses on shipping finance and maritime law, projects, energy, infrastructure and financing. Eduardo distinguishes as a go-to lawyer for setting up Mexican shipping companies, bareboat charters, salvage claims, flagging and registration of vessels, and government relations with the Mexican Maritime Agency. Eduardo has also represented shipping company clients with the Mexican Chamber of the Maritime Transport Industry (CAMEINTRAM) with successful results.

Eduardo has experience in the design of guarantee structures through maritime mortgages, guarantee trusts and pledges over the stock of the borrower or guarantor company, including deals as the re-financing of a dynamic position vessel to a subsidiary of an important Mexican construction group; the financing of two tanker vessels with a major German bank in connection with a prestigious Greek shipowner; the work-out of a government contract involving a semi-submersible drilling unit to prevent an administrative rescission with Pemex; and the financing of a supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico, among others.

With the recently enacted Mexico Energy Reform, Eduardo has been actively involved in representing clients in the oil and gas industry interested in participating in the public bids of E&P contracts with the Mexican government and assists clients throughout the public procurement process, including preparation of bids and proposals.

Eduardo also practices commercial, corporate and financial law. He has experience preparing and negotiating commercial contracts and credit agreements. Counsel to important national and international clients, incorporation of companies, joint ventures and legal aspects of the day to day business.

His experience includes establishment of representative offices of international banking institutions in Mexico and registration of foreign banks and reinsurance institutions with the Mexican Ministry of Taxation (SHCP).

Recently, Eduardo has participated in significant projects such as: (i) Non-solicited proposal for a Public Private Partnership toll-road project in Tuxpan-Tampico, Mexico (the first of its kind in Mexico); (ii) Development of a natural gas power plant in Nuevo León; (iii) Participation in a public bid for drilling and fracking services of shale gas in Mexico with Pemex (the first fracking project in Mexico); (iv) Assistance in the defense of an audit procedure of public contracts performed by Pemex; (v) Participated in the first E&P financing structure secured on public debt receivables involving a Pemex contract (the first fully secured financing of an E&P Service contract in Mexico); and (vi) A financing restructure and work-out of importance for the Mexican government involving a contract with Pemex.

Eduardo also has vast experience in commercial arbitration practicing as legal counsel for claimants and defendants in arbitration proceedings administered under ICC, ICDR and CAM. He has been appointed several times as administrative secretary and assistant to prestigious arbitral tribunals in ICC, CAM, CANACO and ICDR proceedings. Eduardo has acted as sole arbitrator in CANACO arbitration proceedings.

In August 2007 Eduardo earned a certificate in Commercial Arbitration BMA-CAM-ITESM.