Ginger Price

Energy Contract Management LLC



Ginger is currently Director of Energy Contract Management, LLC providing contract negotiation services for energy companies. Previously she worked as a Sr. Contract Administrator for Iberdrola Renewables for over 9 years where she utilized her experience as a Credit Analyst for PacifiCorp and Idaho Power. As a Contract Administrator, Ginger negotiated many master trading agreements including ISDAs, EEIs, NAESBs, GISBs, Master REC Agreements and more. Over the years she learned the value of finding the unique communication style each individual has and how to use that communication style/preference to get contracts negotiated in a timely and efficient manner. She has over 15 years’ experience in the energy industry and has been involved with the IECA for a large part of that time. Her involvement within the IECA includes being an active member of the Contracts and Legal Education Group (CLEG), co-chairing CLEG 2012-2014 and currently serving as a board member.