Michael Barberio

Exelon Corporation

Senior Analyst


Michael is a Senior Analyst in Exelon’s Risk Analytics group. He moved to his current role from the Credit team where he work in various disciplines for over 7 years. During his time in Credit, he was the lead analyst for Retail Power, Wholesale and Retail Gas and was on multiple integration teams. Michael worked across all the power ISO’s and managed a portfolio of over 500+ counterparties. In his current role, he focuses on performing quantification analysis on non-standard transactions, identifying minimum margin requirements, and maximum risk tolerances.

Michael has been a member of the IECA since 2010. Michael helped found the Developing Energy Professionals Group (DEPG) in 2015 and held the chair position until late 2017. He is currently the Chair of Credit Analytics Education Group (CAEG).

Michael is a graduate of Towson University with a BA in Accounting and Loyola University of Maryland with a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Science of Finance.